You may not believe this, but we will buy any car. We will buy any make or model vehicle. We will buy nice cars and cars which have been well-loved. We will also buy cars which have been damaged or nearly destroyed.

All Makes and Models

We will buy any make or model of car. We will buy popular makes and models, and we will buy unpopular makes and models. We will lesser-known makes and models. We will buy makes and models known to be lemons. We will buy domestic vehicles, designed and manufactured in the United States. We will also buy vehicles from overseas. We will even buy overseas vehicles with steering wheels on the right. We are not concerned about the make and model of the vehicle for any reason other than assigning a value to it. We know that the right home exists out there, somewhere, for each and every vehicle we come across.

All Years

New or old, it makes no difference to us. Again, we will only ask you this information about your vehicle to assist us in creating an accurate quote for you. We will buy cars from any decade. We will buy your sporty 1980s roadster. We will buy your family-friendly 1990s sedan. We will buy your camping-friendly 1970s van. We will even buy your classic 1930s automobile.

Nice Cars

What is a nice car? A nice car is a car which is in excellent condition. We will definitely buy this kind of vehicle. A nice care has no scratches, no rust, no dents, and not much wear and tear. A nice car has never been in an accident. A nice car hasn’t been smoked in. A nice car may be new or old, but it has definitely been treated well.

Well-Loved Cars

Well-loved cars are rather average. They have been used by people who enjoyed using them. They aren’t falling apart, but they aren’t show-quality either. They may have a little rust here or there. Some parts may need to be replaced soon. A scratch or a dent may exist somewhere on its body. It may not be the cleanest, most polished vehicle, but it is one with a story. You guessed it, we will buy this type of car!

Wrecked Cars

Has your car been in a serious accident? Is it doubtful that your car will ever run again? Has it found its way to looking more like a pancake than a car? There is still some value in your car, even if you will never drive it again. We will discover that value and give you a quote which reflects it. So, if you think your car is ready for the scrap yard, don’t call the tow truck just yet. Contact us first and see if you like our quote.

Damaged Cars

Does your car have rust holes all over it? Has your car been in a minor accident? Are there considerable scratches and dents on your car? Has your motor seized or have your brakes failed? Is there something wrong with your car? Don’t worry. We will still buy it! Let us know what is wrong with your car and we will figure out a quote which is fair to you. There is absolutely no need to scrap this vehicle. There is also no need to take less than it is worth. Don’t let someone talk you down in price and offer you less than you deserve. Let us give you a quote first. You may be surprised.